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 Singer-songwriter George Gray writes songs of all kinds: from historical songs like Surrender, (about Robert E Lee and various events of his life) to humorous, You Can Get Paid For That, (about a country boy moving to the big city and learning he can sell his bodily fluids) to serious, Pane of Glass, (about visiting a loved one in jail.) 

A prolific songwriter, he has finished nearly twenty songs since his debut CD, You Can Get Paid for That?, was completed. He meets once or twice a month with a group called the Tallahassee Songwriters Salon to critique one another’s work and improve their craft. He performs at folk festivals and open mics and house concerts, some of which he and his wife Sue host, inviting other singer-songwriters to join him. His style is very intimate and works well in those settings. 

George grew up in Miami aspiring to live in the country and be a truck farmer. He saved his money and bought a little land and used equipment near Madison, Florida where he learned money doesn’t grow on trees or vegetable bushes. He’s also worked in the nursery and landscape business and after deciding that computers weren’t the anti-Christ after all became a network administrator. Through it all he played guitar and sang for friends and family, leading music in church and playing the folk songs he grew up with as a child. Several years ago, he woke up from a dream with a complete new song in his head and decided he could probably do that awake as well. He’s been writing and sharing his own songs ever since.