Video from show at Bird's

I had a great time playing with Jim Crozier and Mike Palecki at Bird's last week. Jim was kind enough to record it and produced some very fine videos. Here are the links:

Waiting For the Storm           


Ninety Pound…


Songwriters in the Round - Tueday, Nov. 12

This month's featured writers are Madison Avery, George Gray and Ken Gemmer. 

Join Craig Daniel Hardin and Mary Ann Hoffman as they host the 11th episode in this series at the Blue Tavern.

Cover $5.00

This Wall - New Recording 

I got some new recordings back from Winterstone Studio today. This one is called "This Wall" and features Kayla Williams on violin. I hope you enjoy it.


Show at Black Dog on the Square

Come out to Black Dog on the Square on Nov. 9 at 7:30 PM. Ric Edmiston and I will each play a set or original tunes. It should be a fun if slightly wacky evening.

Why Buy the Cow?

My new CD is back from CD Baby. It's a collection of the humorous songs I wrote over the last few years. I'm delighted with how it turned out. Kayla Williams, Mike Palecki and Danny Goddard all provided stellar accompaniment…


"Bones" - New recording with Mike Palecki 

I recorded this last November and am grateful that Mike Palecki came and added a harmonica track for it. I was inspired to write it after reading a novel by Jefferson Bass entitled "The Boneyard." It's about the Dozier School…


Black Bear

I posted a new recording today, Black Bear. This is another one with Kayla Williams doing another amazing job. The lyrics come very much from the FL DEP website about Black Bears, their habits and how they interact with humans…


Too Soon Old

Years ago I had an older friend that immigrated from Yugoslavia. His favorite quote was "too soon old, too late smart." I always liked that quote so much I decided to write a song around it. This is for Janos…


The Less I Know (The Better I Feel)

Check out my new recording with Kayla Williams, "The Less I Know." It's about the feeling politics has been giving me lately ( and a lot of other folks from what I hear.) It's available for download free (just enter…


Welcome to my site

I'm just launching my new website. I'll be using the blog to try out new songs. But for now, here's a link to listen to the title track from the latest record..  I Choose Music. And since you stopped by…