House Concert: Hot Tamale and George Gray with Mike Palecki

Hi-Lo House Concerts, Tallahassee, FL

An evening with Hot Tamale And George Gray with Mike Palecki

Saturday, July 7, 2018 Doors open at 7:30 concert at 8:00

Suggested donation $10

BYOB, bring a snack to share if you’d like

House located off Mahan near Blairstone Rd. Seating is limited, reservations appreciated; for more information and location contact George Gray 850-893-1217 or

I’ve been attending Hot Tamales songwriter gatherings for several years now and I’ve come to believe that Adrian Fogelin is the most prolific and talented lyricist I know. Working with Craig Reeder they are a songwriting team that’s hard to be beat. You’ve probably heard them playing covers with a few originals mixed in. This is your chance to hear them at their finest and I’m pleased to present this opportunity to enjoy their work in a listening room environment where they can really shine and perform their best work. You can learn more about them here, . Some of you may also be interested to learn that Adrian has also published several award-winning books, you can learn more about that here, .

I’ve been wanting to play with Mike Palecki for a few years now and finally found the courage to ask him to perform on my latest CD as well as another song that will be on my next CD if I ever make one. You may have seen him around town playing harmonica with Mimi and the Hearndogs, or maybe at Florida Folk Fest playing at various blues jams. He plays some blues tunes on the “Why Buy the Cow” CD and I also asked him to try playing on “Bones,” ,not exactly a blues tune. The results were superb. I’ve been playing a variety of songs with him since and it seems like there isn’t any kind of music he can’t fit in with. This will be our first performance together and I’m really excited for the opportunity.