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On the streets of Baghdad, it’s just another day.
People shop, and stop and talk, then go on their way.
Amidst the sounds of city life another bomb explodes.
A solitary man arrives and rosins up his bow.

I choose life, I choose music, in the midst of chaos, violence and strife.
When the bombs reduce our world to dust and rubble, I choose music I choose life.

It’s been going on for centuries, men kill for God and land.
That’s just the way it’s always been, don’t try to understand.
From knives to swords, from guns to bombs, progress leaves its stain.
A solitary voice rings out and sings this bold refrain.

Repeat chorus:

The silence after bombs explode is filled with death and fear;
Still kindness and compassion are always waiting near.
The choice is ours alone to destroy or to create.
I’m standing at this junction now so this must be my fate.

Repeat chorus: