1. Dinosaur Train

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Dinosaur Train

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I don’t mean to be crude; I just spill out that way.
I try to be refined but, got these fumes that I spray.
I try to dig deeper, it’s such a strain.
I’m about out of gas; I’m the dinosaur train.

I move mountains, just to get a quick fix.
I poison your valleys, too bad if you get sick.
My appetite’s endless; it scrambles my brain.
I can’t get enough; I’m the dinosaur train.

Bio is messy; man does it stink.
The wind is fickle, it’ll stop in a blink,
Don’t look to the sun, it will make you blind.
Just close your eyes, and have a good time.

I’m old and filthy, but I’m king of the hill.
You write the speech, I’ll write the bill.
I love my tax breaks; they’re so insane.
I’m glad I’m on top, I’m the dinosaur train.