1. My Family

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My Family

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Rosalie was just thirteen when she got a new step-dad.
He seemed like a nice guy but as time went by things got really bad.
Late at night she would tremble with fright as he snuck into her bed.
He said things to scare her so she wouldn’t share the shame that was filling her head.
Rosalie couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep. He said, “doesn’t bother me, welcome to my family.”
Her grades started falling; her teachers started calling; Mama figured out his deceit.
She’d had enough; she packed up all his stuff, and threw it all out by the street.
Still that man would not back down; he kept hanging around; he’d know when Rosalie was alone.
He made her so afraid; she’d pull down all the shades, then he’d call her up on the phone.
“Rosalie, you and I were meant to be, I’m on my way to see you, welcome to my family.”
Mama called the cops; they agreed it was a crime. They filled out a report; they said these things take time.
She called up social services, they did what they could. They told her ‘bout some bikers that would do a lot more good.
They’re on the straight and narrow, clean and sober too; now they spend their time stopping child abuse.
Rosalie was nervous as can be when she heard those engines roar.
She walked out to the drive; the place had come alive, with twenty motorcycles or more.
A big old guy named Bear, black leather and long hair, said we’re here to be your human shield.
If that monster comes around, we’re your boots on the ground, we’re here until your wounds are healed.
Before that man can get to you, he’ll have to get by me. If he tries to mess with me, he’s messing with my family.

Rosalie was cool, riding scooters home from school, she proudly wore her biker vest.
And those nights she couldn’t sleep, they’d drive by on her street, the engine’s growl would help her rest.
When she had to go to court they were there with their support, their presence helped her testify.
When she told the judge the truth of how she’d been abused, it was that monster’s turn to cry.
Rosalie was finally free, if you ever have the need, you’re welcome in her family.