1. My Good Suit

From the recording I Choose Music

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My Good Suit

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Once a wise man told me, I should enjoy my days.
If a job requires new clothes, just turn and walk away.
I only wear what suits me as I work and make my mark.
I only have one good suit; it stays mostly in the dark.

Several months ago we were asked to save the date.
When the family gets together, it’s a time to celebrate.
As the weeks finally pass by I can’t hold my feelings back.
I sing a song of joy as I prepare to pack….

My good suit only comes out of the closet now and then.
My good suit holds me close just like a dear old long lost friend.
It sees the sweet beginning as young lovers pledge their lives,
And it knows the loss and sorrow of those that still survive.
My good suit will still be there when I’m finally at the end.

Three nights ago I got a call, I heard that he was gone.
I still cannot believe it; that man was way too young.
This could only be a nightmare, from this dream I will awake,
But the tears they started flowing when I reached out to take….