1. Killer

From the recording You Can Get Paid for That?

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I’m a killer; I’m mean inside. I’m a killer, there’s something crazy in my mind.

Don’t tell me I couldn’t kill a fly. I just killed 20 or maybe even 25…… flies.

When flies come around they don’t stand a chance.

They can buzz all around, they can do their little dance.

You see it doesn’t really matter to me. I’m gonna kill them all eventually…..

We had an infestation at our house last week.

It wasn’t a situation for the faint-hearted or meek.

It wasn’t time for anger, to go into a rage. I just got my trusty swatter and went on a rampage.

Cause I’m a killer, I’m so mean inside. Yes I’m a killer, there’s something crazy in my mind.

I don’t mess around, nearly all of them died,

Except for one very determined type…he was a super fly.

Now super fly, he knows when to lay low.

He comes out when I’m sleeping; he just seems to know.

He buzzes my ears and lands on my nose,

And then he disappears like a vaporous ghost….super fly.

So don’t be a braggart, don’t swell up with pride.

There’s always something waiting to turn back the tide.

It just takes one little thorn in your side

And it comes back to haunt you, night after night….super fly.