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Public Radio

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On my way to work, waiting in line,

The traffic is heavy, but I’m feeling fine.

You see there are a few thing that I would like to know,

Things about the weather or the folks next door,

I can get it on the go, on public radio.

Is your car running poorly? Does it hesitate and stop?

You could take time from your day and take it to the shop

Is it making funny noises like a click or a clack?

You can get some free advice from a no good quack

From people who don’t know…..on public radio.

Are your politicians living way beyond their means?

Are they always having parties and causing scenes?

Do they always seem to have one hand behind their back?

Are they getting loads of money from a guy named Jack?

They reap just what they sow…. On public radio.

Is election time coming is the shit getting deep?

Are you hearing loads of promises that no one could keep?

Are they talking high and lofty then slinging the mud?

Are you searching for some truth in all of this crud?

They’re looking high and low….on public radio.